After recently receiving her Bachelor of Arts, Chanequa is currently working as a hostess and model at many different (inter)national events and exhibitions. 

Because of Chanequa’s interest in the event organizing industry she would like to continue having these kinds of jobs. When in need of a (door)hostess or artists/VIP service don’t hesitate to contact her on

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Chanequa Miquella Margaret,

born and raised in Haarlem (the Netherlands) was scouted as a model at young age.

Nowadays she is asked for all kinds of modeling jobs.

Another passion of Chanequa since childhood has been organizing great parties for her friends at school and on vacations.

At that time she never imagined this hobby could actually turn into a real job. After her first official experience in the event organizing branch, she decided to follow a matching education.


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Below : Chanequa’s first job as a model with her brother Giuliano back in 1997